Conference Topics: Education


Education track:

Education plays an integral role in the continued construction and progression of our society. In addition to academic development, formal and informal institutions of education serve as sites for the development of complex social, cultural, and linguistic skills and identities. The Education Committee welcomes proposals that explore educational issues, policies, and practices that influence Latin@/Latinx/Hispanic, immigrant, and refugee learners of all ages and backgrounds. Special attention will be given to submissions that emphasize the experiences of Latin@/Latin/Hispanic students in the Midwest –in comparison to coastal cities and states –as they become more important and prominent throughout the region. In addition, in line with our partnership with the Missouri Dual Language Network, we are especially interested in submissions that have to do with English Learners, bilingual education, dual language immersion education, and culturally/linguistically competent teaching and learning.

Given the complexities facing educators, the Education Committee expects that submissions will employ perspectives and research methods from various academic disciplines and theoretical frameworks. The different perspectives should help us to understand and analyze the challenges, accomplishments, and contributions of various stakeholders in education (e.g., students, family members, teachers, administrators, policymakers, and community members/educators). Examples of research and best practice topics in education include, but are not limited to: educational experiences spanning early childhood through adult in rural, suburban, and urban school districts; community/after-school programs and resources; the relationships between culture, language, legal status, education, and/or achievement; implications and development of federal, state, and local policies designed for immigrants, “English Learners,” and emerging bilinguals (including those learning languages other than English); parent involvement and family outreach; dual language education programs, policies, and practices; access, retention, and success in PreK-12, post-secondary, and higher education for traditional-aged and returning adult learners.

The Cambio de Colores conference is a multistate conference about integration of immigrants in new destinations in the Midwest. It is a professional development opportunity that engages practitioners, researchers, and those working with immigrant communities in sharing experiences and knowledge that facilitate the integration of immigrants in new settlement areas.

The 20th annual conference will take place in St. Louis on June 22-24, 2022.

The following themes provide the conference framework:
1. Change and Integration
2. Civil Rights and Political Participation
3. Education
4. Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
5. Health
6. Youth Development

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