Conference topics: Community and Economic Development


Community and Economic Development: 

We hope to highlight research and educational programs that both examine and enhance the involvement and engagement of Latin@s/Latinxs/Hispanics and other immigrants in community and economic development activities. Promoting development through entrepreneurialism and business development is key for the sustainability and expansion of local and regional economies given the relative youth and risk-taking mindset that usually characterizes immigrant communities. Community and economic development plans, programs, and projects build bridges, promote dialogue, and create opportunities that benefit communities, acting as facilitators of integration processes.

Proposals of interest to this track include those that consider the role of Latin@s/Latinxs/Hispanics and other immigrants cultural and social capital assets in promoting success as entrepreneurs, workshops on best practices, and research and education on themes that hinder and/or promote their involvement and success in community and economic development activities, and that inform public policy, enhance service delivery, and provide additional support to individuals and communities. Scholars, public service agency representatives, community advocates, and others working in community involvement and economic development in these communities are encouraged to share their research, projects, programs, and best practices.

The Cambio de Colores conference is a multistate conference about integration of immigrants in new destinations in the Midwest. It is a professional development opportunity that engages practitioners, researchers, and those working with immigrant communities in sharing experiences and knowledge that facilitate the integration of immigrants in new settlement areas.

The 20th annual conference will take place in St. Louis on June 22-24, 2022.

The following themes provide the conference framework:
1. Change and Integration
2. Civil Rights and Political Participation
3. Education
4. Community and Economic Development
5. Health
6. Youth Development

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