Poster Session

Submit your poster proposal by February 28, 2020. 

The conference will have an interactive poster session for participants to dialogue with the authors of posters on display. The posters will be available to view throughout the conference. See the Call for Presentations about requirements for posters. Poster proposals that are submitted by February 14 will have first priority, but submissions will be received through February 28, 2020.

Student Poster Competition

First authors who are students are invited to participate in the student poster competition. Student participants should follow the submission requirements and indicate their participation on the relevant question during the submission process.


Design of Poster:
1. Layout: Is the poster layout well done? Are font sizes appropriate, graphics readable,
2. Organization: Is content organized in a logical manner? For instance, the research
problem, approach and results are easily understood.

Poster Content:
1. Background/Goals: Does the poster present sufficient context for the reader to
understand the purpose and originality of the project as well as the background and
motivation for the project?
2. Approach: Does the poster present sufficient data on the methods used for the
reader to understand and judge the quality of the approach?
3. Discussion and Conclusion: Does the poster share an understanding of the project
and the implications for other researchers and/or practitioners, and how it affects
institutions or communities?

See guidelines for the Student Poster Competition here: